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About us

Founded in September 2000 Klac Industrie has always evolved with 2 goals : innovation and export. Based in Orléans, the company specializes in the manufacture of accessories for excavators and mini excavators up to 24t (mainly quick couplers).

Klac Industrie invests continuously :

  • € 1,000,000 was invested in 2005 in the purchase of a new plant and production facilities allowing short lead times and a constant quality level.
  • € 5,000,000 was invested in the extension of the plant in 2008 : 3200m² of buildings, 3 machining centers, a plasma cutting table, a welding robot, and so on.
  • Each year we invest in the renewal of machines and the improvement of our workshops.

Klac Industrie invests in R & D to increase its added value. For 15 years Klac Industrie has filed 18 international patents. We offer to our customers the guarantee of having protected products for which they can control the distribution.

2003 : We won the Gold Medal at the Intermat Innovation Competition with the Klac Marguerite.
2004 : We won Award of Innovation from Equipment World USA with the Klac Marguerite.
2012 : We won the Silver Medal at the Intermat Innovation Competition with the Klac +.

About 70% of our products are exported worldwide.

In December 2012 Klac Industrie joined the French industrial group FADEGEST, which specializes in high-precision machining. The group currently employs approximately 270 employees spread over 9 industrial sites, 8 located in France and 1 in Tunisia. It has a turnover of approximately 30 million euros and pursues an active investment policy in professions where innovation is decisive and the social dimension is at the heart of the business project.

This new start allowed us to launch the Alternatic in 2013 and the AlternatiK in 2015 (which will replace Alternatic).

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