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Questions / Answers

What is a standard for quick couplers ?

At the beginning there was the machine. And the accessory. That it was necessary to change in the sweat of his brow and the strength of his hands. Then came the quick coupler : a system that made this change simple and (more or less) fast. The manufacturing have increased over time but also accidents due to unexpected unlocking and misunderstandings due to lack of communication. In a modern, interactive and informed world, we had to react. Since 2007 an international reflection has been put in place to develop an ISO standard for quick couplers. To try to define rules that manufacturers should respect in order to avoid that security is a choice that the user could take ... or not.

Until the ISO finds a form suitable to the majority, the European standard EN474-1 has taken advantage of the advances on the subject to enrich itself with some new recommendations. A standard will not be perfect and will always have gaps. But it has the merit of worrying about YOUR security.

And Klac in all this ?

Beyond compliance with the standard requirements, we try to correct and even exceed some "gaps" in security : a mechanical and positive locking that remains in position on an indefinite downtime of the machine. We can make it impossible to engage an accessory whose weight exceeds the lifting limits of the machine (Klac select). And even more.

Not for marketing or advertising. Just because we are responsible.

for the safety of our products and their users in all conditions of use.

How does Klac system meet standard requirements ?

Klac system is a quick coupler for mini excavators from 1 to 9t. The engagement of the accessory is automatic, the unlocking is manual or hydraulic. Klac system is therefore a mixed quick coupler, with a "piloted" version.
The springs connecting the locking plate to the fastener, provide the engaging force. They keep the attachment in working position. The locking plate has safety latches on each side.

The safety latches (in red) automatically lock the locking plate to the quick coupler (the stops marked in green), when engaged. The accessory remain in its working position in all cases.
The locking plate can only be moved with the key.


Why choose Klac system ?
  • Very compact quick coupler : no loss of digging force for your machine.
  • Simple and robust system with few parts.
  • Automatic engagement and locking, without any additional manipulation.
  • Integrated and permanent security during the work with your accessories.
  • Uses the original pins of the machines.
How AlternatiK complies with the normative requirements ?

AlternatiK is a quick coupler for mini excavators from 1 to 9t. The engagement of the accessory is automatic, the unlocking is manual.

AlternatiK is therefore a mixed quick coupler.

The engagement cam is connected to a "double fork" cam with positive locking (flat contact surface).

The 2nd came automatically locks under the hoof of the kit.

In the event that the main cam disengages, the safety cam holds the accessory in the working position.

To disengage completely the accessory, the unlocking key will be necessary.

Why choose AlternatiK ?
  • Quick coupler that allows interchangeability with MORIN / ACB products.
  • Compatible with AlternatiC quick couplers and buckets.
  • Welded ears. Follows the original manufacturer’s geometry.
  • Uses the original axes of the machines.
  • Simple and robust system, with very few spare parts.
  • Engagement and automatic locks, without any additional manipulation.
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