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What is a standard for quick couplers ?

29 mars 2018

At the beginning there was the machine. And the accessory. That it was necessary to change in the sweat of his brow and the strength of his hands. Then came the quick coupler : a system that made this change simple and (more or less) fast. The manufacturing have increased over time but also accidents due to unexpected unlocking and misunderstandings due to lack of communication. In a modern, interactive and informed world, we had to react. Since 2007 an international reflection has been put in place to develop an ISO standard for quick couplers. To try to define rules that manufacturers should respect in order to avoid that security is a choice that the user could take ... or not.

Until the ISO finds a form suitable to the majority, the European standard EN474-1 has taken advantage of the advances on the subject to enrich itself with some new recommendations. A standard will not be perfect and will always have gaps. But it has the merit of worrying about YOUR security.

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