• Automatic locking
• Integrated safety cam
• Uses the original pins of your machine
• Cast steel parts guaranteeing longevity and robustness
• Compatibility with Retromatic® accessories.


Tailor-made innovation


The new amendment of the European standards imposes a locking system able to secure the quick hitch.

AlternatiK offers a single safety system, on the hitch, which guarantees compatibility and total compliance with current standards of the existing attachments.


Unlocking key
The second cam automatically prevents disengagement of the kit.
Cast steel top plate (kit).
High elasticity steel for the brackets (welded). Original pins are used.
Safety on the hitch only, due to the dual cam. Disengagement and unlocking are simultaneous.
Thanks to the built-in rings, handling is safe and efficient

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Range AlternatiK mechanical

Coupler's weight*
Kit’s weight

Model 0 (1 to 2t)

190 16 6

Model 1 (2 to 3.5t)

250 29 13

Model 2 (3.5 to 5.5t)

265 48 20

Model 3 (5.5 to 9t)

350 85 33

*depending on coupler

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