Grinding head

• All-steel structure.
• Direct-drive motor (STANDARD).
• Two-directional rotor rotation SKF high-performance bearings.
• Pressure relief valve.
• Motor with internal drainage.
• Flow / pressure control valve.


Very Important Product


The high-performance bushings and steel rotor brackets ensure the grinder has a longer service life and constant cutting ability.

The decision to use solely cast iron motors ensure the Klac grinder provides maximum performance even after intensive use of the tool (oil temperature rise).

The roller-feeler and the two-directional motor enable you to work without interruption, even if the material becomes clogged.


Steel structure.
Hinged cover (VIP).
"Y" knives or flail hammers mounted on U bolts; screws with a lifetime guarantee.
Cast iron two-directional hydraulic motor with gears, internal drainage and flow and pressure control valve.
Belt drive (direct on STD. model).
Hardox skids.
2-position roller-feelers as standard.

VIP Version & STANDARD Version
• In addition to guaranteeing constant power, the belt drive and toothed pulley allow rotor rotations to be increased with the same flow rate and the same pressure.

• The twisted protective chains provide excellent anti-ejection protection.

• Hinged cover.

• Two-directional flail hammers.
  • Direct drive rotor.

• Front and rear protection with rubber flaps.

• Fixed cover with bolted plates.

• Single-blade flail hammers.



Each grinder is controlled for vibrations during the work phase to reduce the stress on the machine arm.

The plate can be mounted in the right/ left/centre position, depending on the machine and the work to be done.

The options

Semi-forestry rotor with brackets.       Self-levelling bracket.
VIP version for machines from 5 to 17t.       All models.





Image Library

Range GrindK Grinding head

Roller feeler
(Ø mm)
Rotor tube
(Ø mm)
Oil flow rate
(L / mm)
Max pressure
(Knives) (Flail hammers)

Model C / 0
(Mxs of 1.5 to 2t)

100 800 70 385 40 nd 25/30 150/180

Model D / 1
(Mxs of 2 to 3.5t)

177 800 70 420 32 16 30/35 150/180

Model E / 2
(Mxs of 3 to 5t)

220 1 000 100 499 48 24 35/40 250/280

Model F / 3
(Mxs of 6 to 10t)

265 1 200 100 630 60 30 35/40/45 250/280

Model G
(Mxs of 10 to 17t)

290 1 200 130 700 40 20 35/40/45 250/280


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