Klac city

• Hinged bottom facilitating ejection of earth (can be blocked if necessary)
• Silent thanks to the shock absorbers
• Reduced widths possibilities, from 210 mm
• Notched profile adapted to release pipes


The town bucket


Klac city is the ideal complement of the Klac marguerite. The specificity of urban works is the presence of cables and pipes, not always easy to locate.

The solution is the Klac city, an attachment that allows narrow trenching while providing a clever solution to the clogging problems! All this with an interesting capacity and an utilisation that does not endanger the existing pipes.


Silent –blocks absorbing the movement and avoiding noise due to the shock of the blades at the end of the run.
Hinged bottom of the bucket
Mass improving the lever arm.
Fulcrum pin of the bucket bottom
Notched profile for better visibility

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Range Klac city


Model E / 2
(mxs of 3,5 to 5,5 t)

200 to 400 900 200 to 260

Model F / 3
(mxs of 5,5 to 9 t)

250 to 450 1100 276 to 332


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