Klac marguerite


• Loading capacity approximately the double of a traditional bucket of the same width
• Saving of fuel and materials
• Uses the bucket cylinder (more efficient than the balance boom cylinder)
• Blades profile designed to give a clean cut with minimal damage at ground level
• No bucket side plates making easy the bucket discharge (clay blade)
• Very easy change of blades


The performance


Carry out trenching of 100 or 200 mm with a bucket, is not a problem anymore! Thanks to the Klac marguerite DUO version, it is now possible to dig narrow trenching without earth clogging, increasing your productivity at the same time.


Quick hitch top plate (available for all Klac range of couplers)
Tools are fixed simply by pin
Tools are fixed simply by pin
Support to sustain Klac marguerite during the tool change
Rear frame made of high yield elasticity steel
Bolted connection plates (high flexibility and strength)


Sand blade 
Working effectively in free flowing sandy soils.
With tips for better digging.

Clay blade 
Perfect to work in sticky soils, easily discharged: output improved.



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Range Klac marguerite Duo

  Depending on configuration Available Width
  depth weight max in version min max tips

Model C / 0
(mxs of 1 to 2 t)

570mm 55kg sand blade 100 250 yes
clay blade 100 350 no
excavation blade 200 500 no

Model D / 1
(mxs of 2 to 4 t)

750mm 95kg sand blade 100 250 yes
clay blade 100 400 no
excavation blade 200 550 no


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