Klac marguerite


• Capacity 2, 5 times superior than a traditional bucket of the same width
• An economic and environmentally friendly solution
• Blades profile designed to give a clean cut with minimal damage at ground level
• No bucket side plates making easy the bucket discharge (clay blade)
• Very easy change of blades


The country side bucket


The principle of blades superposition (3 blades sand or clay) allows to increase the charging capacity although very narrow widths (inaccessible to existing buckets, due to soil clogging problems).

The cost reduction realized by a narrow trenching offers a quick return on investment.


Trio indivisible structure (weldox)
3 sand blades, with tips: better performance with hard ground (hardox)
3 clay blades, for sticky soils (hardox)

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Range Klac marguerite Trio

  Depending on configuration Available Width
  depth weight max in version min max tips

Model E / 2
(mxs of 4 to 6 t)

950mm 255kg sand blade 150 300 yes
clay blade 150 450 no

Model F / 3
(mxs of 6 to 9 t)

1100mm 370kg sand blade 150 350 yes
clay blade 150 500 no


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