Klac system


• Change the buckets without getting out of the cabin
• Mechanical and automatic locking, manual unlocking remains possible if needed
• A simple effect hydraulic line for unlocking
• Follows the original manufacturer’s geometry
• Cast steel parts guaranteeing longevity and ruggedness
• Compliance with EC standards


As simple as the mechanical one


Quick coupler still simple and very compact, with permanent adjusting.

Hydraulic pressure is only for the release: no risk of accident due to an oil leak.

Manual unlocking with a key remains possible if needed


The arrival of the hydraulic hose is facilitated because on a stationary Klac protect point.
A pressure stitch to a function of the machine (blade lifting for example) is the simplest method.
A switch controls a 3-way valve and allows the transmission of the pressure to the hitch. In the neutral position the valve is free return to the tank.

Hydraulic Klac system requires 200 to 250 bars for proper operation. The seals of the cylinder and the hose Klac protect can operate up to pressures of 350 bar maximum, so it is not necessary to install a pressure limiter other than the one of the machine.

Klac protect

Connecting hydraulic attachments is always problematic: the hose loop generated is difficult to control, the hose is located in a risk area, and the implementation is difficult in the end balance.
With Klac protect, the loop is contained in a box. It is thus controlled and protected, irrespective of the position of the quick coupler, throughout its movements.

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Range Klac system hydraulic

Coupler's weight*
Kit’s weight

Model C
(1 to 2t)

nd nd 5

Model D
(2 to 3.5t)

230 26 9

Model E
(3.5 to 5.5t)

270 45 14

Model F
(5.5 to 9t)

310 75 24

*depending on coupler

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