Klac system


• Automatic locking
• Double safety
• Follows the original manufacturer’s geometry
• Cast steel parts guaranteeing longevity and robustness
• Quick coupler free of pins, screws, nuts, seals, cams, connecting rods, greasing or adjustment. No maintenance required
• Compliance with EC standards


The concept that makes quick the hitch


Quick coupler very compact, with ongoing backlash and absolute safety.

Klac system brings full polyvalence to your machines park: adaptable to hammers, auger, grabers etc...


2 silent blocks reinforce the contact pressure between the shaft and its housing.
High elasticity steel for the brackets (welded).
Body of the quick coupler made of cast steel
Thanks to the built-in rings, handling is safe and efficient
2 engagement springs
Locking plate with 2 safety latches (Klac serenity, patented system)
Unlocking key
Elastic pins

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Range Klac system mechanical

Coupler's weight*
Kit's weight

Model C
(1 to 2t)

200 14 5

Model D
(2 to 3.5t)

230 24 9

Model E
(3.5 to 5.5t)

270 43 14

Model  F
(5.5 to 9t)

310 72 24

*depending on coupler

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