• Compact solution.
• 360° rotation.
• Work with all the accessories without restriction.
• The rotating joint allows mounting and use of all the hydraulic accessories.
• Hermetic casing.
• Uses the joysticks already on the market.


The technology of the future


Ultra-compact construction for high breakout forces.
Fully enclosed,with no protruding elements.
Allows the accessories to be tilted (with the breakout cylinder).


Upper plate directly mounted on machine and screwed onto the slew ring.
Max. operating pressure 400 bar. Up to 6 channels on the rotating joint. Installation of an electrical cable possible.
Compact, hermetic casing for full protection of the hydraulics.
Hydraulic motor.
Worm gear for high accuracy. Decoupling impossible.
Coupler base specially designed for minimum height.
The rotating joint

The rotating joint (optional) allows the unlimited rotation of any hydraulic accessory.

• Max. operating pressure 400 bar.

• Up to 6 hydraulic supply channels

• There is no longer any need to purchase each accessory with its own rotator.

• All equipment can be rotated through 360°

Optimised grease filling for maximum sealing and immersion work without protection.

Optimisation of bucket kinematics


European regulation EN474-1, amended in 2013, imposes specific conditions for the connection system and the locking system.

Klac system has 2 springs which connect and retain the locking plate in the work position.

Klac serenity (the 2 blade springs) automatically position themselves to ensure that the plate remains locked even if the engagement force is lost or reduced.

The coupler remains locked in all circumstances.

Available with the mechanical or hidraulic quick coupler.

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Range ROTOK AlternatiK


  Ref. Weight*

Model C / 0
(Mxs of 1.5 to 2t)

ROTOK031 24 284 286 85

Model D / 1
(Mxs of 2 to 3.5t)

ROTOK031 24 284 286 85

Model E / 2
(Mxs of 3 to 5t)

ROTOK061 68 357 370 130

Model F / 3
(Mxs of 6 to 9t)

ROTOK091 73 390 405 142

*Weight without couplers

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