Klac marguerite


• Narrow trenching, without soil clogging
• Very easy change of tools
• Saving of fuel and materials
• High-yield elasticity steel parts and anti-abrasive blades, for more strength
• Discharge height improved
• The most sticky clays are easily removed


The polyvalence


Mini excavators have done a lot on job sites over the last 20 years to mechanize tasks and make them easier for the operators. The ideal would be to make your balance boom as agile as a hand ! To grab a shovel, a rake, a spade, a sweeper… This is exactly what Klac marguerite offers you, a real tool holder!


Quick hitch top plate (available for all Klac range of couplers)
Fixation structure for tools (simply by pin)
Fixation structure for tools (simply by pin)
Support to lay down Klac marguerite during the tool change
Connection bolted plates for rear frame (transformation to DUO version)

Sand blade 
Working effectively in free flowing sandy soils, with tips for better digging. Fitted with spikes to dig better.

Clay blade 
Perfect to work in sticky soils, easily discharged: output improved.

Excavation blade 
Designed to increase productivity and also for precision work.

Spade blade 
Pull up small trees without damaging the roots.

Klac cut
Cut around trees and stumps before lifting.
The teeth allow to saw the main roots, without excavation.

Ripper tooth
Permit to realize demolition works adapted to the size of your machine.

Klac sweeper
Finish the access to works.
2 springs insure the necessary working pressure.

Klac rake
Finish the job site and gardens. Exclusive system against soil clogging.



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Range Klac marguerite Solo

Weight* C / 0 D / 1 E / 2 F / 3 Material

Solo structure

16kg 29kg 61kg 90kg weldox

Clay blade

10kg 19kg 40kg 52kg hardox
  Widths from 100 to 450 mm, depending on model

Sand blade

13kg 22kg 37kg 56kg hardox
  Widths from 100 to 350 mm, depending on model

Excavation blade

22kg 35kg 70kg 100kg hardox
  Widths from 250 to 700 mm, depending on model

Spade blade

23kg 37kg sur cde sur cde hardox

Klac cut

8kg 12kg 33kg 55kg hardox

Klac ripper

5kg 9kg 32kg 51kg weldox

Klac rake

30kg 48kg 100kg 120kg hardox

Klac sweeper

33kg 33kg sur cde sur cde  

*maximum weight

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